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For Successful Entrepreneurs

This Month's Top 5 Home Businesses


One home-based business people can start today is Photography.  A photography business is for a person who already love taking pictures.  You can not just start taking photos, you have to be someone who likes looking at pictures.  There are several niches a person can specialize in order to get paid for taking them.  There are wedding photos, events/or shows' photos, & there are photos of scenery & landscapes.  Select the one niche that is best for you or the one that will keep you the busiest.  

Wedding photos are very popular and always in demand, but this will be more of a seasonal job (June to September).  Weddings happen both inside and outside, so different type of lighting will be used.  Some weddings may be scheduled on the same day, selecting which to do or asking someone else to attend the less paying one, will be the options.  You may have to turn one down because you already committed to take photos at another.

There are companies that will pay for photos of landscapes & scenery.  Travelling to variety of places will be the best options to get photos of.  Taking photos of the same place again and again, will not be as saleable.    Getting the right photo at the right time, seems to be a gift or someone only an experienced photographer can get.

There are certain knowledge a photographer should know or will need to know.  What type of camera to have and what lens to use indoors or outdoors, should be known.  The best camera to have would be a digital camera, with memory card.  A camera that you can just plug into a computer or laptop to download the photos,  If using a desktop computer, make sure to have a very good monitor, to see the very best quality in photos.  Keep photos of ever event, seperated.  Keep in folder on computer or have them on their own flash-drive.  Get as much knowledge about each of these:  megapixels, memory cards, & SLR (single lens reflex).


Pet Sitting/Walking

There are over 100 million cats & dogs kept as a pet in the US.  We are talking just cats & dogs.  We could add other animals that are pets, such as fish, birds, hamsters, snakes, etc...  When the owner goes on vacation, what happens with the pets?  What about on business trips, a funeral, etc...  Some can take their pet with them, on vacation, but most of them can not.  There is a business out there for those who love pets.

All a person need to start a pet sitting or walking business is credentials from other people and be a reliable person.  With the population of pet owners being steady for decades after decades, there is no reason see this to decline.  If you are serious about getting into this business, go to an animal shelter and get some information on medical care for animals that you can do from the confronts of your home and where to take them where there are emergencies.  Also get some information on well-established veterinarians in the local area.  Red Cross offer pet first aid classes and will give you a certificate after finishing the class.  Having this certificate will make clients more comfortable with you with their pets.  

You can have an option to watch at a client's place or if you have a place without zoning issues, you can watch them at yours.  You may want to limit the type or size of pet that you will or can watch.  There are some horse owners which job may also include cleaning stalls and moving hay.  Maybe having someone else involved with your business, just in case there are emergencies and you need someone to watch the pet or replace you, temporarily.


The first obvious thing is, you should love pets and perhaps, be a pet owner.  Having a reliable transportation, that accommodate  a pet, will be a necessity .   A few touches after a job is over would be to include a photo of the pet, with the bill.  This let the owner see that the pet seem to be doing fine during your watch.  And maybe add some animals photos on the invoice.  Just a reminder to them that you really do love pets and your business.

Editorial Services

Are you a great writer?  Was English your favorite subject in school?  There is a business that you may be great at, Editorial Services.  You offer your services to edit anything written.  Well, just not written, but you can also edit work that has been typed too.   Some of the services you can offer are:  copyediting, proofreading, copywriting, ghost writing, and also web page editing.  Here are some more  information of these services.

Copyediting is when someone place some facts on their work and need someone to make sure the facts are correct and if they are not, to correct them.  When someone place put facts or dates on their work, someone need to may sure that the information are correct.  The wrong or incorrect facts can do a lot of damages to the work written.  The next service is very similar to this, proofreading.

When a book has become a finish work, before someone start to print it, it should be proofread.  Proofreading is looking over the work from the beginning to the end, searching for and correcting any errors that are found.  Any spelled wrong corrected. Any words missing, add them.  If the wrong word was used, wrong pronoun or adjective, replace them with the correct one.   If the font different than all the rest, use the correct font.  A proofreader also may sure the layout is right, the spacing, etc..  A keen eye is needed by the proofreader.

There are people who gets writers block right in the middle of a book and need someone to finish it.  The person is called a Ghostwriter.  A ghostwriter can write the whole book, half the book, or just parts of it.  The ghostwriter gets paid to write but does not get any credit for writing any of it.  A contract is usually signed that will say that the ghostwriter had nothing to do with the book nor will take credit for any of it.

A web page editor does exactly what the title says, edit a web page.  Instead of  words written on paper, a web page editor corrects what was typed on a web page.   There may be some web page editors out there, but there are not as many as there are copy editors. 


There are a lot of people who have stories to tell, but some do not have to skill to write them (Ghostwriter).  There are stories written, but need a comma here and there (Copy Editor).  Today, there are millions and millions of websites, some are great and some that need some work (Web Page Editor).  As you can see, there are businesses that can grow from all the mistakes we have typed.  

Next Month, 5 More Home Businesses To Start.

A Personal Concierge

This type of service is not for everyone.  A personal concierge can become very successful but will kind of demanding.  A personal concierge will be hired by a busy, usually successful person.  The service may take place from 7 am to 9 pm or whatever hours you set up.  This service may include driving, setting up appointments, scheduling flights, buying gifts for someone etc...  It will almost like a personal assistant but it will be your business, in which clients for this service.

A personal concierge will involved a variety of duties that the client just too busy to do.  Think of tasks that you want to offer and add them to the list of services you offer.  Also include services that you do not offer, so it will be clear to both parties.  Tasks to include can be going to get oil change, picking up their kids, making dinner reservations, picking up dry cleaning or picking up clients of your client, from the airport.   Services not included can be anything illegal, typing if you are not good at that, driving a forklift truck, etc...  Also include time of the day or a day of the week you are not available, such as picking up someone at the airport at 3 am.  Even personal concierges have to sleep.

Qualities and other necessities needed to become a top-of-the-line personal concierge would be very organized, politeness, and availability.  A cell phone, with an ear piece and a portable charger.  Do not let the phone die on you.  Have plenty of contacts in your phone because if a client needs something, try to have someone listed in your phone who you can call.  Maybe even carry a laptop in your briefcase, to make airline reservations or anything online.  

Now, to get a client or 2, here are a few ways.  Well to do people eat at the top places.  Find out where those places are and go there.  Find out people who work there and become good friends with them or give them gifts if they were to introduce or give them your business card.  Also, advertise online, all the services you offer clients and how they can benefit having you do, what they may be too busy to.  It may not be easy in the beginning but once you a client, they will tell others or want to pay you more because you become so valuable to them.

Remember, a client want someone who they can trust.  Confidentiality will #1 to them.  Keep each of your client information to yourself and tell no one.  Set up parameters too, so you still have some me time and the clients know it.  After every client contracts end, send them a thank you note and tell them you hope to be able to business with them again will soon.

Dog Breeder

Did you know that more than 30% of U.S. households have a dog as a pet?  That 25% of this number has 2 or more dogs.  Where do these households get their pets from?  Animal shelters?  Animal shelters wish they did, but a lot of owners look for a certain bred of dogs.  Most want purebred dogs and you can not get that at a shelter.  Purebred dogs takes some work, but the work can pay off.

A dog breeder can make great money breeding dogs, but only purebred will people pay a lot for.   In order to breed a purebred dog, you will need a big enough place to house them.  A dog breeder must care for the health and welfare of each and every dog they breed.  Of course, if you want to breed dogs, you will need a well-bred female dog.  Once you have the female dog, you need the appropriate male dog too, but less talk about the female first.

Once you have the well bred female dog, you need to learn how to nutrition her during pregnancy and after giving birth.  You will need an adequate place to raise puppies and how to raise them from day 1, until they are able to be sold to a new owner.   This will be a process, especially if you never been around puppies.   The Red Cross offer classes on how to care for animals.    Sounds like a lot of work?  Well maybe a male dog would suite you better.

A male dog takes up less space.  To make money with a male dog, you will have to make him a Stud.  A stud is a dog that gets paid the impregnant other female dogs.  There is good money paid for male champion horses to stud other champion female horses.  The chances are better that their ponies will be well-bred.   The same goes for dogs.  In order for a dog to be considered purebred, they will have to win some awards/competition at dog shows.  Certificates will let others know your dog is purebred.   A person will think that purebred mates with their dog will make purebred puppies.   That is the first step.


When deciding to become a dog breeder, remember to start off with a dog in high demand or one that is already consider a purebred dog.   If that is not possible,  to make them purebred, the dogs will have to win some awards or competitions.   With that, most people will think that purebred's puppies will have a better chance of becoming purebred.    Before entering dogs in competition, have them trained or let someone who have already took dogs to dog's shows, take the dog to the show.

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